Membership TypeAnnual PaymentMonthly Payment
Family $2602.03$216.84
Single Golf 40 & up$1914.45$159.54
Single Golf 35-40$1200.00$100.00
Single Golf 25-34$  900.00$  75.00
Single Golf 19-24$  600.00$  50.00
Single Golf under 18$  420.00

$  35.00

.Join the RGCC family!!


Our members are our greatest asset. The vast majority of the warm and friendly membership here at Redland Golf and Country Club have been here practically all their lives.This creates a comforting sense of community and belonging for all who join. We are always looking for positive new people to add to our happy extended family surrounding the great game of golf.  There are many weekly events that you can always find a partner for, as well as clinics and junior programs to enjoy.  Our food here is made from scratch and known to be the best around. If you love this sport as much as we do, and would enjoy playing and socializing with some of the finest and friendliest people that South Florida has to offer, consider making it official by becoming a member.


Membership TypeMonthly Payment
Family Golf$212.25
Single Golf$152.25
Junior Golf$126.00




Standard Voting membership has a one time, initiation fee of  $428.00.  (non-refundable, includes taxes).  Anyone with an existing ownership or membership certificate will pay$107.00

Winter Members must reside primarily outside of  Dade County and there is no initiation fee.

Active Military  will receive a refund of their initiation fee if transferred from this area within one year

 To Join - An Application has to be submitted to Redland Golf and Country Club with the initiation fee and one-month dues.  All new applications must be signed by a sponsoring member. Membership will start upon approval by our Board of Directors at the next scheduled Board meeting.

Dues are billed in advance and may be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The membership is continuous and notice must be given in prior to cancellation.


Redland Golf & Country Club

Membership TypePayment
Family Golf$1080.50
Single Golf$840.00